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USA Jump Rope

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Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Club

Woodbridge, Virginia's Original Jump Rope Team


    Our youth program is a jump rope club.  Not the basic game of jump rope, but a highly advanced form of jump rope where young adults and children develop their own routines and perfect techniques for speed, power jumping, fun and fitness.  Our program has proven itself as an excellent way to communicate "life skills" to children of all ages. The life skills learned in our program include a healthy lifestyle, plotting for success, self discipline, goal setting, perseverance, confidence, team work and fitness.   The Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Team is designed to provide children a message about a healthy lifestyle, discipline, focus, internal motivation, confidence, initiative and integrity required to succeed in life.  Jump Rope is the vehicle with which we communicate these values to our members and student audiences.

    The most dedicated of our jumpers become Travel Team members who  perform at school assemblies. health fairs and many other community events.  Performances include; Double Dutch, individual and team synchronized routines as well as skits and student body participation.  The routines are choreographed to music and display formation changes, finesse, power, strength, aerobic dance and intricate rope skills. 

    Travel Team members must maintain an A/B average in-order to leave school to participate in our school assembly programs.     We are very proud of our dozens of  National Junior Honor Society Members as well as our many outstanding students over the past 25+ years.  

The Club offers 4 levels of competitive jump rope.

* MAGIC: Our Entry Level Team Members

* ILLUSION: Our Intermediate Level team Members

* STORM: Our Highly Advanced Level Team members (Mentors to Magic Team members)

* SHOCK: Our most Elite Team members (Mentors to Illusion Team Members)


  Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Team members participate in AAU, USAJRF, ADDL, NDDL and FISAC memberships. We recognize USA Jump Rope as the Official Governing Body of Jump Rope for development and competition. We also recognize FISAC as the World Governing Body of Jump Rope for competition. 


    We develop our team members through the jump rope class program at Youth Sports Virginia Training Center. If you are just getting started. this is a great place to learn all of the basics of single rope, double dutch and long rope skills. 


    The Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Team, was founded in 1992 by USA Olympian Wrestler, Anthony "Buddy" Lee in his Rippon Landing, Virginia neighborhood. (formerly as The Jumping Buddies Club) Since '92 our Woodbridge chapter has expanded beginning in the Dumfries Boy’s and Girls Club and later located to Rippon Middle School and Featherstone Gymnastics Center. Coach Paul Feciura accepted the coaching responsibilities of our Club in 1992 

    In 1996, The United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration of Washington D.C. officially endorsed our national club as an alternative program for youth. The DEA sponsors our school assembly program and assists with scheduling events. 

    In 2003 the club moved into the Youth Sports Center in Woodbridge to become part of a multi sport center and train with fellow athletes in the sports of Artistic Gymnastics, Sport Aerobics and Cheerleading. The Club also officially changed it name to Youth Sports Jump Rope FX


"To keep youth skipping in the right direction"

    It has been the mission of The Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Team since 1992, to provide education and a positive activity that gives kids an alternative to involvement in drugs, gangs and alcohol. The Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Team provides a challenging and fun way to learn and practice goal setting,  plotting for success,  self discipline, teamwork and fitness for life.

Vision Statement

  To provide the children a safe, fun, fitness and healthy activity while assisting to develop the skills needed for them to succeed in life.


    All levels of the Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Team are open to boys and girls ages 5-and up